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May 25, 2012

Electric Bike Anyone!?...

     It was about 2 years ago that I went up to my mom and said "I want an electric bike!"
She looked at me suspiciously and said "Are you suuuuuure?". If I weren't would I be asking her for it?(I had actually done my research!)
     For some reason she thought I was joking. Well actually for precisely three reasons she thought I was joking.
(1)It doesn't go above 40 kmph.
(2)It can't carry more than 120kgs weight.
(3)It needs to be charged everyday like a cellphone.
     After I finally bought it, I found another reason to add to her list
(4)It draws attention on the road! and actually gives people reason enough to make fun of it(never understood why though)

      My mom thought it was more sensible to buy a Honda Activa. It ran on petrol, had more power and could carry atleast three people comfortably. What else could you want? We had some very long discussions(With my mom and I, the discussions are more like arguments but we still prefer calling it discussions) but my stubborn attitude finally got me a new electric bike.

     In the beginning it was a little hard to explain to people about the consequences of fossil fuel on the environment and my reasons to do my part and so on.It was exhausting telling everyone than looked at me with a smirk and asked "electric bike?..... Really?" (Makes you wonder what our education system is worth huh?).

     But a year into my new purchase the petrol prices started to rise. It really didn't affect me. I mean I plug in my bike to the switch board. My bike has never been to a petrol pump! But everytime someone asked me ;"Electric bike?... Really?...", I loved saying "Wait and watch". I felt like Nostradamus who knew the petrol prices were going to increase forever, while I would still be charging my bike.

     And today the price is so high that some of my friends are actually considering buying an electric bike. Renewable sources is the new energy source!I felt like Columbus who was laughed at for saying the earth is round(Yes I do get a weird pleasure by comparing myself to great men from the history). He proved it right! My decision to buy an electric bike makes my mom love me more today.

     So, Elecrtric bike?... anyone?

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