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Dec 10, 2010

Why Do I Want To Be The Prime Minister Of My Country?

-->      I just watched one of the most political movies I have ever watched in my life- "Frost/Nixon".The name of the movie is nothing fancy and honestly neither is the movie, but the impact it had on me was something much much more than just fancy!Its a movie about the well known interview of Richard Nixon, the former president of the United States Of America by a British talk show host David Frost.It is relating to all the controversies that surrounded the president during his 2 year reign before resigning because of the Watergate conspiracy.Its a political drama just like any other political drama that all our countries see and more information is always found on the Internet, but the lines that Nixon says during the final moments of this epic interview is what moved me to tears almost(I am moved to tears quiet easily!).
    I was so overwhelmed by the movie that I even came back and saw the real interview on the Internet.Looking at his face one could see the regret he had for his actions that he committed or rather the abuse of power he committed being the president of his country, not only the highest position of power but also a position that is meant to serve the nation and its people, a side that most seem to forget.Looking away from the interviewer he says "I let down my friends.I let down the country.I let down our system of government, dreams of those young people that ought to get into the government but they'll think its all too corrupt and the rest".I wish that all the politicians and 'leaders' of my country would watch Nixon say these few words(If they happen to comprehend English!) and realise what does it truly mean to govern a nation or to lead a nation.If only they had the guilt for their crimes.........
    When most of my peers say I want to be a doctor, I want to be a software engineer or I want to be Miss World(and trust me they do), I with utmost pride want to say I want to be the Prime Minister of my country(atleast hope to try!!!).To all those who turn away from my country and say 'it is hopeless, nothing can be done of this country' I want to say 'No!you are wrong! there is hope and We are the hope!'.I know I sound like I belong in a patriotic movie by rakesh omprakash mehra but this is the truth.The situation in our country currently is such that nobody seems to be doing their job with honesty or loyalty but instead grabbing hold of every rupee that they do not deserve, but nothing is going to shatter my dream.Whether I have the ability to be the PM of India I do not know(most probably I don't) but no corrupt clerk at the vehicle license dept., no corrupt college looting me in the name of donations, no corrupt politician enjoying the taxes I pay for my country and certainly no minister making a joke out of my country is going to stop me from fighting for my country and its people.
     My idea for writing this article was not to start a political campaign in my name nor to show my stupidity(as most people think I am for not wanting to be an engineer or a doctor) but rather to tell those who, once in a while, realise that there is a stop to corruption and it begins with us, that you are not alone!Just to stand up for the truth, stand up for your country and stand up for yourself because it is our right!And how I wish for every man, woman and child of India to stand up and say "I want to be the PM of India and work for my nation!"

Note: This is a youtube link to the excerpt of the interview or Richard Nixon and David Frost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkcZAB4_wd4&feature=related

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