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  1. I read many of your articles on this site. They were all amusing and thoughful. But the article on, "Why I wish to be a PM", is truly remarkable in its very audacity, clarity, maturity (I believe you were a wisp of a girl at seventeen, when you wrote that)and crispness of writing. I am very impressed with you, young lady. Keep up the good work. I am glad you are taking up the cudgel to fight for those without adequate representation: trees, dogs, elephants, poor women, human rights victims, et al.

    Just a piec e of advise from a man who has seem over half a dozen centuries of moons rise and ebb. Many fresheyed activists start out with optimism and hope and faced with a wall of indifference from the general public and especially, the powers that be, drift into ennui and give up or else, lose all sense of balance, become humourless in their lives and violently strident in their speech, thought process and writing.
    You are a brave girl, a talented woman, a beautiful lady, a positive person, a charged being and a vivacious writer. Dont lose any of these precious qualities that mark you out as cut out for big things. Who knows, maybe even a PM! Fight the inevitable cynicism within that is bound to rise as you receive more than your share of setbacks and tap into your essential spiritual self to retain your essential bubbly warmth that makes you spoo-a-pema.
    Wish you all the best and may God bless you, your family and your causes, dear child!

    An impressed wellwishing oldster

  2. Thank you so much :)
    As I grew up(and still am), and saw myself become stronger in what I believe in, and the causes that were dear to me, I realised the same danger too. Change is a long and painful process, and can at times defeat the very soul. I realise that the fight is not just on the outside, but as strong and significant on the inside. Being able to stand tall even with nothing... On my way there :)