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Mar 11, 2011

Tsunami Alert

"The biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years struck the northeast coast on 11th march 2011, Friday, triggering a 10-meter tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars and farm buildings on fire." This is the summary of basically what all news channels and online news portals have been flashing the whole day today.As I write this post the Tsunami is continuing its damage to several Japanese cities and over 20 countries are being warned of the possible Tsunami attack calculated to be just a few hours away.The earthquake was of 8.9 magnitude and the Tsunami waves were about 25 feet high!
     I know most of us have already heard all these facts and even digested it long back to go on with our daily routine lives.I mean we aren't in Japan and our country isn't going to be hit by the Tsunami any time soon either so nothing to be alarmed about.Its only Russia, Hawaii, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Indonesia; a total of about 20 countries that have been warned that really need to worry.But, as long as our country isn't on the list, life goes on as normal after these headline reports!Is it so?......
    20 countries!!!!Lives in 20 countries devastated by just one natural event.Its during times like these that the feeling of one comes in my mind.And how the feeling of one???.....We live each day as individuals, working our way towards our individualistic goals, we say we belong to a certain gender, caste, creed, race or even a country(those few patriotic ones left!), but the fact is we all belong to this unpredictable little blue ball called the Earth.When we face such disasters, we face them together.No amount of intelligence, technologies or even astrological stars can save us from them(though we are in the continuing process of trying!).Then why are we still worried but the 'self'???Why haven't such gory images made us see the big picture???
   As the Japanese face the killer trembles and waves, it is not just the Japanese or even the warned 20 countries that is facing them, it is really us as humanity who are going through this ordeal together.We need to stand by each other because mother nature doesn't seem to be too happy with us.The recent news about floods, droughts, cyclones and now the earthquakes and Tsunamis has me wondering our efforts to reverse climate change hasn't been even close to enough!We started all this together ourselves, with all the 'industrialization', 'urbanization', 'development' and what not.We better face this together too!Its only time until our country is in the news with such headlines......