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Aug 17, 2012


If you have started reading this thinking that I will present to you a set of instructions on how to be in a happy and successful  relationship, or steps on how to keep you partner happy, then, I must warn you that I am the last person to be preaching such things! Since my mother will be reading this, I have never had a relationship. But hypothetically speaking, even if I have had them, then I have never given them enough priority to study them that intently.
            Hence, the instructions for manipulating a relationship is for commercial magazines and tabloids to take care of. My words are more concerned with aspects deeper or rather more significant in an individual’s life. Matters concerning that little thing called happiness.
            So why the word relationship in the title you ask. Sadly, I have come to observe that, with the rise in the population of this planet, there is an equal rise in the feeling of loneliness amongst us beings. The more faces we see around us, the more alone we feel. Ironic! All of us are after something or the other, aren’t we? Money, smartphones, love, lust, God, new Jimmy Choo shoes, what not.(If you aren’t one of these then I must say I’m very pleased) We are looking to relate to something… anything to gain a certain sense of satisfaction in our souls, simply called peace!
            But are we satisfied? Are we happy? Are we at peace? If we were, then I wouldn’t be writing this article and you wouldn’t be reading it.
            A new boyfriend or a girlfriend is certainly not going to change that cycle of pain-joy-pain that is eternal. YES! Sorry to break that bubble, but a new anything won’t make you happy, Unless….
            Unless you learn to be happy from the inside. Today a lover’s hug might give you the warmth and delight you crave for, but no celestial being can assure you that it will remain with you always. When your happiness is dependent on something or someone, it is next to impossible to say that it will remain with you forever. Simple logic isn’t it?
            Peace is when you are happy when you are stripped of everything that you have today. Your family, your friends, you lover, your new phone, your big car, your credit cards, your everything! The day you can say with confidence that “I am happy no matter what or who leaves me”, then that is the day that you are truly HAPPY! Now, you know the secret.
            Be happy with nothing, then even losing everything can’t take away your happiness!

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Aug 10, 2012

The Little Things That Make Heaven

     I look for a happy relationship with a happy man to make my life happy. I look for a bag full of gold to get me new shoes and make my feet happy for the rest of my life. I look for a happy group of friends to drink with and make merry. Am I happy? 

     The man walked out of my life, the bag of gold is all gone and the group of friends started to fade away. Am I still happy?

      A wise man once said -   
                                'Heaven on Earth' is a choice you must make, 
                                                                                    not a place you must find.'

     Every day I am given 1440 minutes to live. Every day I am given 1440 opportunities to be happy. Instead I choose to frown, whine and shed tears down my face.
     A happy little boy happens to look at me by chance. The intensity of the sadness spreads to his innocent heart, and I see his smile lowly turn upside down. I did him wrong. Him and many many others who are around me.

     Then I hear a song -
                         "When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break
                                Remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes"
                                                                                                              (Its Jon Bon Jovi....:))

    Every day I meet many people, see many things, hear many things and feel many things. What If I smile at every person I meet, instead of frown. Sounds fairly simple. What If I look at the little things in life and let it amuse me, instead of letting my tears blur this beautiful world away from me. Sounds even more simple. What if.....

     Today I don't have the man, I don't have the bag of gold, I don't have the merry friends. But, I am happy. 

     Buddha always said that nothing in life is permanent. The sorrow, the pain and the worries that seem herculean today, will be a page in a fading past tomorrow. Choose to smile at everything that life throws at you. Before you know it, all the things that brought you down are gone, and you are a survivor.

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