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Mar 1, 2012

A Friend No More!

            Lost a friend recently. I can’t blame God for taking her away because she chose to leave us herself. The reason why she gave up I shall never understand, but all I can do is wish that she is in a better place today. Happy and smiling, just like how I remember her.
            She had been my classmate for a year and a half. Every single day I saw her, saw her breathing and alive. But not once did I ask her how she was doing. Not once did I ask her how life was treating her. Every single day I entered my class and treated her as just another classmate, every single day I lost an opportunity to get to know her better. And now that I know I shall never see her in my class again I regret my ignorance. I wish I had spent more time getting to know her.
            Losing you forever, I have learnt a lesson. We all see, meet and greet so many people every day, but in reality the ones we care about is a very small number! And this small number is shrinking every day. If I had taken even a few minutes out of my day to talk to her, she might have seen a good friend in me, confided in me and not have felt so lonely to think she needed to leave earlier than she was meant to!
            She was one of those people you would not notice that easily, but once you get to know her you would know she is amongst those rare people made of something special. She had something about her that I miss so much today. The day I heard she left us all I just could not believe it! She was not one of those who would give up so easily, yet she did. It was a battle lost not by her, but a failure on all our part!!! We saw her everyday but failed to see the sorrow in her eyes.
            There is no point in regretting now, because I know nothing I say or do will bring her back. I shall never get the opportunity to say sorry for being such a bad friend. I’ve always heard people say It is only when you lose someone you know their value, how true! The empty void she have left can never be filled and shall haunt me for the rest of my life, knowing she was right in front of me, yet I could not see she needed me… How foolish I have been!
            Next time you see your classmate, collegue or neighbour, and see even a hint of sorrow and pain, all you need to do is talk. Just a hello, a friendly smile and a 'how are you?' might make their day, might stop them from taking a drastic decision like my friend. These are one of those times to pause and think. A simple action could mean the world to somebody, could save a life. You could save yourself from regretting not being able to help like the way I am today.

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